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Affective Comedy

Amidst all the chaos in the world, a good comedians can simplify things and make them humorous in the same beat. A sort of poor mans philosopher, a comedian can also do what a journalist often can’t, which is speak the truth. Even if comedians can speak ‘truths’ to audiences, many times their message isn’t as respected as if it were delivered by a journalist. Its a Catch 22 for a comedian who’s goal goes deeper than making the audience laugh.

 As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange once wrote, “If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature.” If comedy is good, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is controversial. This depends on the topic. Take comedians on politics for example. For thousands of years, comedians and politicians have fought a ‘blind battle’ with the public stuck in the middle. On one side politicians (not completely) oppress the people, and on the other side comedians humorously mock the politicians actions. Due to the size of the audience, the impact of the affect is always greater for the politician. There has never been a political coup carried out by comedians, but recently the impact comedians are having on politics is growing.

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