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Syndicate (2012) – Video Game Review


Almost two decades later – on the palindrome date, February 21st,2012 – the reboot of Bullfrog Production’s original PC-game called Syndicate has been released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by Starbreeze Studios. This re-mounting of the classic game about capitalism gone awry differs mainly from the 1993 version in terms of genre, having been changed from a tactical shooter game into a First Person Shooter (FPS). The setting of the game is a megalopolis imagined in the year 2069, in a post-national world wherein a massive global syndicate pervades over the human race. The technologies of the worldwide corporatocracy, Eurocorps, have become ubiquitous to the point that each civilized individual has a chip implanted within their heads, whose intents and purposes resemble that of an iPhone. However, should a private citizen run into a special agent, their entire consciousness and motor abilities are vulnerable to be overthrown through the act of “breaching” or, essentially, hacking into another’s brain. Throughout the course of the game, a player assumes the point of view of a single character named Miles Kilo. He is a prototype government agent whose mind has been outfitted with the DART6-chip that endows him with dark powers of telekinetic persuasion and coercion. In keeping with its cyber-punk genre association, Syndicate’s plotline brings Kilo to discover that the corporation employing him is not to be trusted. He becomes a renegade, using the superior powers afforded him by the militarized version of Eurocorps’ chip in an effort to topple their maligned system. 

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Battleship Video Game

A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device. The word video in video game traditionally referred to a raster display device, but following popularization of the term "video game", it now implies any type of display device. The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms; examples of these are personal computers and video game consoles. These platforms range from large mainframe computers to small handheld devices. Specialized video games such as arcade games, while previously common, have gradually declined in use. Video games have gone on to become an art form and industry.


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