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The Affect of the Super Bowl Effect

Like moths drawn to a light, millions of viewers will try to get as close as they can to the hypnotic effect of this years Super Bowl. On February fifth, conditioned humans and domesticated animals all across the earth will watch this crowning game in the National Football League (NFL). 

At early stages of human development, the concepts of winning and losing are usually absorbed soon after the concepts of gaining something and having something being taken away are introduced. This makes it quite easy for the business side of sports to capitalize on themes the human mind is very familiar with. 

For an toddler, 1+1=2 is complex versus the concept of winning and losing. Both are understood by the age of five, and all make up the foundation of sports - who’s winning and what’s the score? Thus the demographic in which the product can be marketed to is quite broad. When taken into account that any person who can count and can understand the concept of winning and losing can generally be affected by it.

Why do we care about sports? 


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Led by Wikipedia foundation, some of the social websites, including Megaupload protested the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill on January 18th, as they stop all of their operation for one day. The aim of the protestation was to point out this new bill that was about to pass by the U.S. senate, which would possibly allow the copyright holders and the government to have more power to fight against online piracy.

The very next day on January 19th 2012, U.S. Federal Officials shut down Megaupload, which was the largest online file sharing website, due to the violation of copyrights. Its founders were arrested and the user files stored in company’s servers were initiated to be deleted. Although the Unites Stated Government has based the arrest on the copyright crime, their timing suggests that they tend to make it an example in favor of the media giants and record artists organizations. However, the bill that criminalizes file sharing has not passed yet, since it was withdrawn after the massive reaction from the public worldwide. Given the fact that cleaning of the pirated files from the legal or personal ones is impossible, the deletion of the files means the loss of the personal data. Briefly, U.S. ventures to violate the basic freedom and destroys private property of its own citizens as well as the citizens of the rest of the world. In other words, they burn the entire forest in order to get rid of some infected trees. 

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For Justice, for Hrant.

hrant-3Hrant Dink was an Armenian-Turkish journalist who was assassinated by a fifteen year-old teenager on January 19, 2007. The assassin, Ogun Samast, was captured in a very short time by the military. The very next day, around 20,000 people protested the incident on the streets of Istanbul. Furthermore, the trial had started shortly after capturing two other suspects who seemed to be instigators of the assassination. The trial has only now concluded after almost five years, on January 17, 2012. The verdict was very controversial since the court had ruled that there was no criminal organization involved in Dink’s assassination. People flooded the streets of Istanbul in response, but this time they were 50,000 and much angrier than last time.The essence of the controversy of Hrant Dink’s case is coming from the fact that he was warned many times to be more careful about his speeches, or he could get into trouble. In the end, he did get into trouble, was fatally shot in the head by Samast, who was declared a “hero” by nationalists and by army police personnel who captured him in the first place.

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New Year’s Eve in Manhattan


A few weeks prior to New Year’s Eve, my boyfriend, Renato, and I we’re planning our Holidays. Since he lives in New York and I live in Montreal, we needed to decide where we would spend Christmas and New Year’s Day. In order to complicate things, we both have divorced parents, making our organization task much more difficult. I’ve been always hearing good and bad comments about spending New Year’s Eve into Time Square. This year, I wanted to experience it. No matter what my beloved would say, I decided that we were going and nothing could have come in my way, not even his saying. After a couple of arguments and disappointments from his family, we planned, just like I wanted, to go into the city. I started asking around and reading about tips in order to apprecite and survive this event in New York City. As the day came closer, the more excited I was. I had plan to get into Manhattan around dinner time, enjoy a nice meal with Renato, go out and shop on the streets, then head to Time Square and savor the ambiance and the live performances. Sounds nice, right? Yes, but mostly unrealistic because people were actually getting into place by 3:00pm to watch the ball drop when the clocks strike twelve. 

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