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Berlinale 2012...

..International Critics discuss Benedek Fliegauf’s Just the Wind (2012)

Hungarian filmmaker, Benedek (now Bence) Fliegauf returned home to make Csak A Szél (Just the Wind), which was released this February. Telling the story of a gypsy family living in an isolated shack in Hungary’s countryside, it follows a day in the life of four principle characters: a curious and sovereign young boy named Rio, his studious teenage sister named Anna, their mother Mari who works as a cleaning woman in the neighboring town and her father Tomi, who is recovering from a recent stroke. The film’s course of action is inspired by true events that occurred in Hungary that are far from resolved. Seven people died in a series of violent attacks that were carried out against Romani families in their homes by a group of racist thugs across 2008 and 2009. The members of this unusual family move uneasily through their daily routines under the hovering threat that they will be the next victims. All the while, they dream of moving to Canada to be reunited with the patriarch of the clan. The majority of the film’s runtime depicts a gradual mounting of anxiety from the point of view of each of the characters – patiently studying their every twitch and mannerism with the aesthetically-organic hand of a documentarian until just before the end, when the crescendo hits.

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