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The Affect of the Super Bowl Effect

Like moths drawn to a light, millions of viewers will try to get as close as they can to the hypnotic effect of this years Super Bowl. On February fifth, conditioned humans and domesticated animals all across the earth will watch this crowning game in the National Football League (NFL). 

At early stages of human development, the concepts of winning and losing are usually absorbed soon after the concepts of gaining something and having something being taken away are introduced. This makes it quite easy for the business side of sports to capitalize on themes the human mind is very familiar with. 

For an toddler, 1+1=2 is complex versus the concept of winning and losing. Both are understood by the age of five, and all make up the foundation of sports - who’s winning and what’s the score? Thus the demographic in which the product can be marketed to is quite broad. When taken into account that any person who can count and can understand the concept of winning and losing can generally be affected by it.

Why do we care about sports? 



Well, if 17th century philosopher Baruch de Spinoza’s idea of “I feel therefore I am” was right, then sports allow us to feel alive. For some, game day is the day when they feel most alive. This is the result of the emotions that sports evoke within us. Emotions such as anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise etc. With that in mind, this Super Bowl we should not look down on the shirtless man in the stands who’s decided to paint his entire upper body blue. This man has never felt more alive in his life. Unless his team is losing and the man covered in blue paint is sitting down ‘emotionless.’ In this case, Spinoza’s philosopher counterpart Descartes and his philosophy, “I think, therefore I am,” would be more appropriate to describe his current state of being. 

Maybe it’s the food? Sales leading up to the Super Bowl for chicken wings, beer, and foods that if eaten daily would send our average lifespan back to what it was when Spinoza and Descartes were philosophizing will be plentiful on this ‘great’ day in American history.

American football in its simplest form is a sport. It is one team versus the other team. Whoever scores the most points wins. Given the complexities of how a team goes about scoring, the basic format of the game guarantees that one team will win and one team will lose. Professional football, specifically the NFL is much more than just a sport, it is entertainment en masse. 

Football fans range anywhere from mentally unstable people to the leaders of our nations, as we know, in many cases not much separate the two, which might have to do with why sports - through the media -  are allowed to have such a powerful affect on the people. 

Many sports fans have children. Before many of these children are born, parents (usually the father) are out buying infant-sized sports attire and memorabilia. Once the miracle of birth occurs, this innocent life-form will be adorned with the insignia of the chosen team on its garments. As life progresses - much to the chagrin of marketing executives - these little balls of clay will bounce on the laps of their loved ones and figuratively be moulded into NFL fans.

In the times of ancient Rome, emperors used the games to keep the people entertained - but more importantly for the benefit of the empire, it was to keep the people distracted - give them something to do so they wouldn’t have to think - think about how they could better their lives, or the lives of those around them. It takes a lot less neurons to scream out, woo who! than it does to ask, what can I do? As John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Like primative warriors, this February 5th, 2012, expect many passionate people to paint their face various colours to support ‘their’ team at this years Super Bowl XLVI (46). (Is it any wonder why they use roman numerals?) 

If only the Super Bowl of world peace, the Super Bowl of world hunger, or the Super Bowl of education for every child in the world was able to unify hundreds of millions of people like the Super Bowl is capable of doing. 

In conclusion, the leaders have affected the people in many ways, with many different devices, and one of those devices is sports, specifically football, and especially the Super Bowl. Go team Go!

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